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Our mission is to deliver superfood snacks that are natural, healthy and simple to its core

We are a family of four with active teenagers, juggling multiple sports. Thanks to Buddha Balls, finding a snack that is as healthy as it is tasty is no longer a challenge! Buddha Balls serve as the perfect starter, a mid-day snack, or late-night healthy bite. 

Our mission was clear from day one: 

  • Limit the number of ingredients we use for our recipe formulation.

  • Find an optimal balance of essential macro-nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fats) and micro-nutrients (vitamins, trace minerals and phyto-elements).

  • Use high quality ingredients that are free from additives or sugar alternates and sourced only from USDA certified vendors. 

  • Ensure that each recipe is batch tested to provide an optimum balance in taste and nutrition.  


We start with a simple set of raw ingredients, oats, dates and nuts, and then load it with superfoods such as maca, spirulina, hemp, dry fruits, and berries to create a blend that is highly nutritious but also rich in phyto-elements that are known to have disease-fighting properties.


Our superfood snacks are delicious and nutritious, yet simple to its core. We produce raw, natural, vegan, gluten, and dairy free snacks that are pure for your mind, body & soul.


Hope you enjoy are creations as much as we do!

Buddha Superfood Team

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